Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Palm Coast

It has been entirely too long since I've written anything. I'm not really sure what to write but I'd like to get back into the habit so....here goes....

I like lists. Let's start with that. 

Things I love about living in Palm Coast, FL:

1. Well, we got a house. It is an amazing house. I love this house. It's far too big for us right now, but maybe some day we'll fill it up. It was an absolute steal and we got it for farrrr less than it's worth. And, it was owned by a bank so we didn't have to feel horrible about taking anyone's house...instead, we stuck it to the man!
2. I love the school where I work.  It's great. The people there are wonderful and it's a very supportive environment where I can get my feet wet and grow as a counselor.  Plus the kids are such a trip. Never a dull moment!
3. We are peas in a pod with my parents. The time we got to spend living with them was absolutely precious. Who knew Andrew and my dad would become buddies?
4. The vicinity to the ocean is suh-weet. We go there some times just because we can and the stress absolutely melts away....
5. The weather. Today it stormed, hard, for about 15 minutes. Then it went back to sunshine and breezes.
6. We've met some really wonderful people here. It's hard making friends in a new place but so far, we've got a few that are fantastic.
7. We are Disney World annual pass holders. My 8 year old self loves me for that. So does my 30 year old self.

More to come as I find more interesting things to write about....