Monday, January 18, 2016

3 years ago today...

In some ways it feels like much longer, and in other ways, much shorter...but we've been here in FL for 3 years as of today!

After last year's international trip, we've laid really low this year. No complaints here - we live in a beach town! We've focused most of our energy and resources on making our house into a home.

As you know, I like lists. Here are the highlights of our 3rd year as Floridians:

1. Making the trek to Ohio for our 10th college reunion and seeing my girls. The time we had together was precious.
2. Celebrating my grandma's 94th birthday with loads of family members.
3. Multiple trips to Disney (esp with the Fez and Holder families!)
4. Reconnecting with the Cooks in Savannah this summer!
5. A summer full of much needed R&R. Wouldn't change a thing.
6. Seeing Ray LaMontagne live in concert. Aaaaaaamazing!
7. Celebrating 11 years of marriage (the "steel" anniversary).

While it was a very tough school year for both Drew & I, we are looking forward to the coming year refreshed, and with optimism.  We are healthy, we are employed, and we have each other!