Thursday, February 10, 2011


After a battle with a long-lasting sinus infection, we're back into P90X! We finished day 6 last night so we're now halfway through the entire series of 12 discs. It frustrates me when I feel limited by the ol' rod in my leg, there are several of the yoga and kick-boxing moves that I simply can't I usually make up my own version of whatever they're doing on the screen. Aside from that, (and the fact that some of the workouts are 90+ minutes long) I absolutely love it! We're still trying to work out when we can workout, whether it's right after school when we're both drained, or later in the evening when we'd rather crash. Mornings are not an option. I'm already getting up at 5:45am, there's no way I'd get up any earlier than I absolutely have to! I'm also really enjoying the fact that Andrew and I are spending together doing something we both enjoy. Those kinds of activities are hard to come by!

The benefits seem endless! I feel great, I sleep like a rock, I'm learning about different muscle groups, I'm eating better...let's hope I can keep it up!

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