Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

I've always said that New Year's is my least favorite holiday of all. I never really got into celebrating a new year, I just feel like it's another day, like any other. A new year isn't going to be a new start for me. In my experience, it takes more than a calendar changing to make major changes. So, in an attempt to get into the spirit, here are some memories of 2011 and things I look forward to in 2012:

Best moments/events of 2011

1. Moving to Florida
2. Getting a job (finally!) as a school counselor at Indian Trails Middle School
3. Going to the beach just because we can
4. Kelli and ZJ visiting me for my birthday
5. Being bone tired and physically/mentally/emotionally exhausted from packing/moving, laying on a half-deflated air mattress, and having Andrew say "I'm so glad I have you to do this with."
6. Remembering that we don't have to travel 10+ hours for Thanksgiving or Christmas

Favorite discoveries of 2011

1. Luigi's Italian Ice (lemon flavored)
3. Mezzaluna's Tuesday night pizza deal
4. The TV show "Walking Dead"

Saddest moments of 2011

1. Saying goodbye to my Lynchburg friends
2. Giving "Cat" away
3. Ohio State losing to Michigan

Things I look forward to in 2012

1. Our VA house selling
2. Finding a home to move into in FL
3. Trips to the beach
4. Having friends visit us in our new home in FL
5. More trips to the beach

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  1. Z and I made the cut! Thanks, friend! Visiting you and your boy in June was definitely a highlight of 2011 for my girl and me. I love you so much and can't wait to be part of #4 in your things to look forward to in 2012.