Monday, June 25, 2012

Spoooooooooky Summer

Fact: Before we moved in to our house, our next door neighbor said that the man who originally purchased/built the home passed away.  Whether he died in the house itself, or at a medical facility remains to be known. 

Fact: When we moved in, Samson spent a considerable amount of time sitting in the closet of the office, facing the wall and wagging his tail.  Creepy, right? We sort of got used to the weirdness of it and usually keep the door to that room shut, just because it freaks us out a little.

Fact: Last night, I was cleaning the kitchen and living room, disinfecting anything Andrew (who has strep) might have touched or looked at. I was bouncing around between a few rooms and came back into the living room and stopped in my tracks. There, in the middle of the floor, was a pile of Andrew's clothes - which included a t-shirt, and two mismatched socks.  Now, this isn't entirely strange, and if you have dogs you'll understand.  Every so often, Maggie would drag out a piece of dirty clothes and bring it in to show us, and then roll around on it like a maniac. This, we have been told, is her way of getting our scent on to her.  Weird, but not creepy-weird.  The strange thing is, I had walked through that room several times and never once saw any clothes on the floor - let alone right in the middle of the floor!  It gets I went into the laundry room to throw a load of clothes in (the door to the laundry room was shut) and there on the floor were the other two partners of the mismatched socks that were on my living room floor!!!  

Fact:  Last night I was at the kitchen table and Maggie was drinking from her water bowl, which is right next to the table.  All of a sudden, her favorite little squeaky ball shot across the kitchen floor.  I jumped to my feet.  Now...Maggie may have stepped on it or Sammy could have kicked it...but he was laying in the dining room and was nowhere around.

Fact: While I was in the shower this morning, the ceramic, sealed/cemented-to-the-wall-towel holder  fell to the floor and broke.  Only one side - the other side is still sealed/cemented to the wall.

Fact:  My laundry room door just slammed shut. No windows are open, neither is the garage.

As I was relaying all of this to Andrew, he got completely freaked out and his response was this: "If there is a ghost in the house, the good news is, he can't do anything to you."  I'm not entirely comfortable with discussing this as a real option.  If there is a ghost in the house - well, there are a whole lot of other implications that go along with it! 

I'm still not entirely sure where I stand on supernatural things like this, but it's beginning to get a little creepy...

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