Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back in the saddle...

It's been far too long since I've written anything. I came across a Pinterest pin that outlined a 30 day writing challenge. While I can't say that I'll commit to writing daily, I do want to get back in the habit of it, as it is something I enjoy. And I think it is, like any practiced skill, something that you lose if you don't use. For a long stretch, I thought that this (writing) would be my career! So, in honor of getting back in to a hobby that I goes!

Day 1: List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy.

1. Lists. I enjoy making lists.
2. The beach. There is no place on earth more exhilarating and relaxing to me than the beach. It is my ultimate happy place.
3. Helping people. The joy that comes with helping someone, in whatever capacity, large or small, brings me joy. ..which is probably why I chose a profession in this field.
4. Dogs. Not only to my own three pups bring me immense joy on a daily basis, but really...any dog will do! My heart knows no discrimination when it comes to K9s. If you're a dog, I will love you and you will, subsequently, make my heart leap.
5. Coffee. I enjoy the way it kick starts my day, and have, consequently, becomes something of a coffee snob. In fact, I'm currently writing a separate blog about the meaning that coffee has had in my life, long before I even began my addiction to drinking it myself.
6. My friends from college. These girls truly are my life long sisters, and I am immensely blessed not only to know them, but to be loved by them. They are forgiving and understanding of my faults and short-comings, and ultimately, they get me. They really and truly get me. All of them, every single one, is a woman with qualities I'd really love to have, so it's humbling, enriching and honoring to call them friends.
7. Andrew Hutcheson. He's been the love of my life for almost 20 years. I've known him longer than I haven't known him. While things aren't always daisies and rainbows, he makes me happier than I ever imagined someone could, and is my teammate and partner for life.
8. Cooking. When I have the time and energy to, I really enjoy cooking! It's a creative outlet for me. While I admire the chefs on shows like Chopped, who can make a masterpiece out of seemingly uncoordinated objects, I myself have to follow a recipe. Still...I enjoy seeing the finished product that comes from creating something from nothing, and trying new things.
9. Speaking of food, I love pizza. There, I said it. If I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day of my life, I'd be one happy lady. Consequently, I'd also be one very large lady with numerous health I don't. But I still love it, just the same!
10. Travel. I am a home body through and through, but really enjoy seeing new things and having new experiences. We traveled to Italy for our 10th anniversary, and it was such an amazing experience to see the history and the lifestyle (not to mention the cuisine!) of the Italians. In college, I spent a month in Belize, which was also incredibly eye opening and humbling. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to see the world from another's perspective. It really makes it seem much, much bigger.

So there's that. I guess I'm back in to blogging...

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