Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Move, Part 2

This is where we really started to see God's plan for the steps we've been taking for the past 5-6 months come together. I think it's best expressed through a timeline...

Wednesday, 7/27/11
8am - Load up the cars and drive to FL from Lynchburg, VA
11pm - Can't sleep. Check FL schools job websites. See a posting for a counselor at Indian Trails Middle School (ITMS). Apply for Job. Send principal email with resume and cover letter.

Thursday 7/28/11
2pm - Take nap and put phone on silent
2:45pm - Miss phone call from ITMS about scheduling interview for counselor position.
5:30pm - Wake up from nap. Listen to voicemail from school. Flip out.

Friday 7/29/11
8am - Call school. Am told my application is not visible.
8:01am - Call HR dept. Am told my certification is not visible, therefore my application isn't either. HR person contacts dept of education and finds certification - fixes problem. (sidenote: this could explain why none of the other schools have contacted me at all)
8:05am - Call school back. Application is now made visible to them. Schedule interview for 9am Monday morning.

Saturday & Sunday - wait impatiently....

Monday 8/1/11
9am - Interview at school.

Tuesday 8/2/11
9am - School calls. Set up 2nd interview for 1pm that day.
1pm - Second interview. Am told they can't tell me anything until Thursday when they submit their decision to HR.

Wednesday 8/3/11
3:45pm - School calls. They offer me the job, even though they haven't gone through HR. I wholeheartedly accept! (We've been in FL one week and I have my dream job...)
5pm - Go out w/Andrew, Mom & Dad to celebrate. I am FINALLY a school counselor!

Thursday 8/4/11
9am - Visit school board office. Get fingerprinted, drug tested and fill out a variety of paperwork. 1pm - Visit school, meet with principals and office staff.

Friday 8/5/11
10am - Visit school again, am told I can officially start Monday.

Monday 8/8/11
8am - My first day of work as a Guidance Counselor.

It is now Saturday and I've been a counselor for a full week. I absolutely love it! The school staff is great - very helpful and supportive. I already feel right at home. Praise the Lord!

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