Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I can't believe I haven't written on here in 2 weeks! That's ridiculous. Maybe it's because I have fallen off the wagon and am not as gung-ho as I was in August....this is tough. And, this is expensive.

As I was saying to my dear friend Liz, it's no wonder that people become vegetarians when they want to be healthier - organic meat is soooooooo flippin' expensive! I got salmon last week that was "wild caught" (as opposed to farm raised, where they are fed and injected with hormones). I have also not been able to go to the veggie stand I normally go to because it's not open when I'm done with work. Excuses, excuses....I know. This is just proving to be much more difficult than I originally thought. I think I need to read another book about it. Food Rules really got me going in the right direction, so I suspect it might be time to watch Food, Inc. This movie looks really disturbing, but perhaps that's what it will take to make a more lasting change...?

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