Friday, January 7, 2011

Things, things and other things

It's pretty evident that I stink at blogging. But, I'm trying....

In keeping with the "Happy, Healthy" part of this, I'll go ahead and let you in on a secret - we're starting P90X on Saturday. What? I already told you that? Ok, well we were going to start it...but things came up, it was the week after Christmas break...and enter some more excuses here, etc. So Saturday it is. Or else.

Really, I have a goal in mind and it is just to be more fit and healthy before the start of this next decade of my life. I am dreading it and am treating it like Voldemort and not calling it by name for some irrational reason...nor am I celebrating it - and for those of you who know me and how sacred birthdays are to me, you understand how severe this has become. But, maybe if I am in better shape, my attitude will also improve and I won't hate the idea so much. Maybe...

In related news, 7 of my co-workers are having a "Biggest SOAR Loser" contest. (SOAR is the name of the department we work for and it stands for "Students Optimizing All Resources" - or "Students On A Rampage" / "Students Obtaining A Record"...depending on who you ask) Jaime and I started a hydration campaign about a month ago and we've done a great job of keeping up with that! We drink, on average, 75-100oz a day. It's great. We're all trying different ways to drop a few pounds and live healthier before spring break gets here and we all weight in. While I don't have a single competitive bone in my body, I'm joining with them to have some measure of accountability and inspiration. Also, there's a cash prize.

In unrelated news, a dear friend of mine loaned me a book that contains a lot of natural remedies and I plan to look it over this weekend. I recently found out that I have a torn meniscus (a tendon in the knee that provides cushion) and have been on an anti-inflammatory. After researching the side effects that weren't listed on the page that came with the pills, I decided immediately to stop taking them (if something has the potential to produce purple spots on my skin, I'm pretty sure that I'm better off without it!) I also had a total of 5 sinus infections in 2010, thanks to my "chronically inflamed sinuses," so I'd like to figure out what kind of tea leaf or ear of newt or tree bark will help me get rid of that issue before I start pumping nasal spray into my body. I'm excited to try these natural, much-less-harsh forms of treating symptoms and am anxious to see the outcome! She uses them on her kids all the time and swears by them. She's one wonderful mother, so if she trusts this type of thing enough to give it to her little ones, I'm sure it's the best there is.

So - wish me luck...


  1. All the best! I might need to try that. I just do not like being outside running anymore. Its just to cold! If I get it I will let you know we can help each other stay motivated.

  2. Wendy, I have issues with my sinus's as well. This winter I decided to try out the neti pot for the first time. I SWEAR by it! At the first sign of sinus pain and pressure and the feeling that I'm starting to come down with something, I start the neti pot. Once a day until I feel better. (I also take immunity boosters at the first hint of sickness too) I have not been sick this winter. Which is a serious feat for me. I try and do the neti pot 1-2 times a week even when I feel fine. That's my plug for the neti-pot!!