Saturday, July 2, 2011

Florida bound

In a month, we'll be living in Florida. Right now, it really doesn't seem quite real.

My parents retired in Palm Coast, FL last fall, and this spring, Andrew got a job teaching AP Physics at a high school there. I'm very excited to be closer to my family. My parents aren't getting any younger, and I am looking forward to living near them again. I haven't lived near them for more than a few weeks since 1999 when I left for college!

So we have our house on the market and are waiting for it to sell. The last bit of June and all of July seem like a total waiting period for us. Waiting for me to hear about the ten thousand jobs I've applied for, waiting to sell our house, waiting to pack, waiting to move. It's really not very all.

I've been fervently looking for a job as a school counselor down there, but there really aren't many openings. I haven't given up yet, but it's not a promising job market at the moment, so I guess I'll just plan to be a professional beach bum :) I do look forward to the constant ocean breeze and the warm weather year-round. I'll be happy if I never see another snowflake ever, ever again. Granted, that means no more snow days...but we'll have hurricane days to look forward to! And did I mention that we're only 10 minutes from the beach??

It's an exciting time for us, but also a time of being patient and trusting that God has a plan that is far beyond what we can ask or imagine. When I talk with God I feel like He says to me over and over: "Just trust me." Looking back over our last move (to VA) and several other circumstances where I wasn't sure how things would turn out - He has been 100% faithful and has proven His trustworthiness over and I have nothing to worry about!

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