Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let the games begin

Starting today, the Hutcheson household is going to attempt to begin eating an all natural diet. Or at least mostly natural...

I was inspired this afternoon by watching Oprah. While I don't believe in everything she says, she had the author of "Food Rules" (who also had something to do with the movie Food Inc) and he was explaining the benefits of an all natural diet and something clicked. He described the majority of food in the grocery stores we have as "edible material." It's nothing new, it's pretty commonsense to understand that I shouldn't eat processed foods, but like I said, something simply clicked this time. I only have one body, and as I am facing my 30th birthday, I want to make sure I'm taking the best care of it that I possibly can.

My hope is that this blog will help to keep me accountable to sticking with this, and to finding new recipes, ideas, etc. My biggest challenge is going to be ridding my diet of Coke Zero. I love this stuff! It contains zero calories, but it also contains things that I can't pronounce, so it's got to go....eventually. (Baby steps people, baby steps...) I did a quick look through the pantry and fridge and was surprised to see how many chemicals I consume in a day, from sour cream spaghetti sauce. I was encouraged, however, to see that my black beans and Simply Orange OJ are well withing the paramaters of "all natural" so I guess that's a start.

So, feel free to join me (and Andrew, whose support and accountability I'm relying on) as we attempt this positive change. I'd say we eat relatively well, we're certainly not unhealthy & we watch what we eat - but after listening to the benefits of an all natural diet I'd like to make some changes. I'm sure it won't be easy, and I'm also sure that it will have to be gradual. These things don't just happen overnight! I plan on posting recipes that I find, websites that are helpful, etc. and will gladly accept any and all suggestions/input/advice!

Wish us luck....

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