Thursday, August 26, 2010

Local deliciousness

I visited the horse and buggy co-op's a la carte table today ( I was really impressed with how friendly they were! They're in Lynchburg on Thursdays from 3:30-6:30 (I think...check the website) and the vast majority of their goods are for the subscribers. I purchased 2 loaves of bread, made from local Mennonite families, and a bottle of honey. The man I was talking with also gave me a couple of eggs to sample since I was asking about them. They offer co-op shares in a variety of sizes for small or large families. They have fruits, veggies, egg, bread, granola, bison, beef, trout, chicken and a few more types of shares to subscribe to. I'm thinking of signing up since you can cancel any time (I'm a big of a commitment-phobe).

The bread is delish (I got a loaf of honey wheat and a loaf of chocolate) and I'm sure the honey is the same. That's about all I've got! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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  1. Local honey is so good for you. I've been trying to take a tablespoon a day for allergies. Our local honey is a lot more pricey than what you get at Kroger so I save it for medicinal purposes. I hope yours has been oh-so-tasty. I want to hear more about this co-op, it sounds great! Maybe you could talk with peeps who have done it in the past so you know what you're getting into this time around. I'd hate for ya to have a repeat experience like the one with your current veggie csa. Poop on them!