Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for...

M is for Mushrooms, Mudpies and the Mediterranean...

I want to visit the Mediterranean so badly.

Perhaps on a cruise? Perhaps. Or maybe we could go backpacking along the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

While seeing Italy, France and Spain would be wonderful, I think I'd spend most of my time in Greece. I love their food - I could eat Hummus, Spanikopita and Baklava all day long. Andrew and I went to a Greek Festival last summer and felt like we'd died and gone to heaven.

Not only do they have amazing delicasies, they also have this:

Yes, please.

As long as we're wishing and money isn't an option, I'd stay there for about a month in a seaside bed and breakfast. I love the simplicity and beauty of the white buildings with blue rooves. I'd rent a scooter and see the sights! Sounds like a dream.

Where would you go if money and time weren't standing in the way?


  1. M is for mushrooms on my blog to!!! Great minds think alike!I would go back to Congo and Ivory Coast and love on my people.

  2. I would go touring through Asia. I want to see the great wall of China, sleep in a high rise in Tokyo, walk on Thailand's beaches and see (not climb) Mt. Everest.

    I also would love to see Greece. The little white buildings look like little sugar cubes.

  3. I would go to 1232 Grove Road in Lynchburg.
    Totally serious.