Wednesday, April 27, 2011

R is for...

R is for Romance, Recipes and Retro TV Shows!

Here are some of my favorite Retro TV shows from the 80's:

1. Saved By The Bell.
How ridiculous is this show? I loved watching this show as a kid and thinking that's what high school was really going to be like. Who remembers the Hawaii episode where 17 year old Zach falls in love with a woman who has a 6 year old child?! And Kelly Kapowski gets into a relationship with a lawyer...? Really? He has to be in his late 20's/early 30's. Illegal? I think so.

2. Full House.
"Have mercy" - I was madly in love with uncle Jesse. This show doesn't ever get old.

3. You Can't Do That On Television.
Why did my parents let me watch this show?

4. The World of David the Gnome.
This was a cartoon about a gnome who lived in the forest and rode on a fox. Anyone?

5. Hey Dude.
I loved this show about life on a dude ranch. Every girls goes through a horse phase, right?

6. Fraggle Rock.
I loooooooove puppets! This show had it all, as far as I was concerned; adventure, a catchy theme song, and puppets! "Laugh your cares away...worries for another day..."

7. Perfect Strangers.
Cousin Larry and Balki Bartokomous got into some sticky situations...always good for a laugh!

8. Double Dare.
Who didn't want to be on this show?! I loved it and always fantasized about competing in the final challenge - sliding down into a giant sized ice cream sundae to retrieve a tiny red flag before the bell rings...!!!

9. The Snorks.
Another beloved cartoon about a group of mysterious under water creatures...

10. Hey Vern, It's Ernest!
This show is soooo obnoxious but boy did I love it as a kid. We currently have the first season on DVD, courtesy of my in-laws.

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