Monday, May 2, 2011

W is for...

W is for Wendy, Winning and Water.

In 2005, Kelli and I started a hydration campaign. We got ourselves a couple of $1 water bottles from Target's dollar bins and, since our offices at the AHA were right next to the bathroom, we drank ourselves silly on h2o.

This lasted a few weeks...but we gave it our best shot.

Since then I've tried to start up a hydration campaign on my own again without much success. That is until last November/December when Jaime and I made a trip to Ollie's for a couple of Eddie Bauer water bottles. They cost $3 and have changed my life. I don't know how I ever survived before my little blue bottle. It goes with me to work, and I use it constantly at home to hydrate myself. For a while, Jaime and I were drinking 4-5 25oz (ok, mine's 23oz) bottles a day! We decided there may be such a thing as over-hydrating so we've since cut back.

We've overcome many obstacles, my little water bottle and I...first there was the time I left it my car and then it snowed and I had to literally dig my car out to get to it...and more recently, the school where I work stopped providing us with filtered water. I had no choice but to bring in bottled water from home and refull it myself. (Ghetto? Maybe - but it's that or drink water from the water fountain shared by 300+ 12-14 year olds, which makes me want to vomit.)

The benefits of hydrating your body are endless. It helps to flush out toxins, improves the quality of your skin, and help you sleep at night!

Do yourself a favor - add more water to your routine! You won't regret it.

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