Thursday, May 5, 2011

Y is for...

Y is for Yodelling, Youngsters and Yum-yum sauce!

I had a really hard time thinking up something that started with a "Y" to write about! Then I remembered yum-yum sauce.

This is a white sauce served at Japanese restaurants, for those of you who are unaware.! I'm sure it's insanely unhealthy, but it is irresistible as well.

You can dip anything in it, really, but I think shrimp work the best with it. I usually pretend to accidentally drop one in when I'm trying to dip...because then it's completely smothered in the yum-yum! Andrew simply pours it all over his rice and whatever else he's dining on at the time.

At take out places, you can typically as for as many containers of it as you want. This is amazing because then you can either use it all in one sitting and be a total glutton, or save it to try as a dipping sauce with various veggies (which, in turn, makes them rather unhealthy...still gluttonous, but with it.)

I need to stop because I'm salivating. Anyway, if you haven't ever had it - go out right now and get a meal from Yamazoto's or Tokyo, or Koto's and enjoy the heck out of it! And also, bring me some...


  1. For some reason I have not gotten into YUM YUM sauce. I tend to like sweet sauces. I will have to try again though just to make sure I am not a YUM YUM fan.
    Have a great one...can't wait to read your Z!